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Keele University Landlords

Whether you are registering a property for Keele University students for the 1st time or you want to re-advertise your property please follow these simple steps.

1. Complete the registration (add new property & advert) /check your contact & property details are correct, then add an advert
2. We need up to date copies (all pages) of the following certificates

You can email these to
If you have already advertised with us you can check what certificates we have on file via Controlpad

3. Make a payment to advertise your property online via E Store

The first time you use this link and proceed, you will be asked to create a password. You will be asked for your KEP reference and name. Please ensure you include this information to enable us to track your payment.

  • £35 for properties with 1 - 5 bedrooms, advertised for 3 calendar months
  • £55 for properties with 6-19 bedrooms, advertised for 3 calendar months
  • £75 properties with 20 or more bedrooms, advertised for 3 calendar months


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